Thursday, 17 July 2014

British Museum Augmented Reality learning device

I am very honored to get my hands on the British Museum's piloting Augmented Reality education tool. BM is one of the busiest museums in the world with very high demand for education sessions, introducing this device will totally change the learner experience in the gallery!
The game will get the students working together in group, completing tasks and learning about the gallery as they go along. I find the overall experience very engaging. Ofcause it save the time(and budget to hire) for an educator, and certainly familirises the young audiences (who presumably are used to the game format) with the museum space....but it very much differs from the traditional "comtemplating" experience in the museum space. This will get the students in and out efficiently, but won't leave them much time to navigate and explore the museum in their own way. Perhaps, with such the demand to cope with such impossible amount of students, this is the way to go for a big museum like BM?

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