Tuesday, 4 June 2013


 On the 31st of May, the V&A museum had an amazing programme "WHITE NIGHTS" with loads of fun activities inspired by Russian folk culture. My very cool illustrator friend, Alex Galea also had a workshop on how to make creative Russian dolls or Ryoshka! since we had such a great time working together on the last workshop, I speedily volunteer and couldnt wait to get my hands dirty! The workshop ran from 5 to 10 but it felt so fast to me, seeing everyone enjoying themselves and really giving it a go. The great thing about the V&A is that they have a super diverse visitors and they all very willing to participate! from very small kids with families, teenage couples, office workers and amazing elders. They started to queue before the workshp open and it was packed all through the evening. So have a look yourself how much fun we had! and let me know which on is your favorite Ryosha?

All photos are from the V&A official flikr, please check it out for more amazing events photos.

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