Thursday, 17 July 2014

Workshops at Chester Beaty Library, Dublin

I was commissioned by the Chester Beaty Library to host a series of workshop based on my work on altered bookart as a part of their Thai week, from 14th - 16th  of June 2013. It was a great deal for me to be invited over as a contemporary Thai artist (They found me through Thai Artist In London network), and I never been to Dublin before so I gladly took the chance!
Not only the library has such an exquisite collection of asian books and scripts (including BEAUTIFUL ancient Thai scrolls and Bai Lan books), they also have an amazing education team who have given me support prior and all through my visit. They have given me a great freedom to plan my own sessions for different groups and so I proposed the following:
1.) Altered Bookart Master class for the adults
2.) Consitina workshop for the creative teen lab (11-16 yrs old) 
3.) Story telling and creating your own mystical crature for their silkworm club (6-11 yrs old)
4.) Public demonstration on Altered bookart 

Overall the whole weekend went splendidly. It was challenging working in a new environment have have to adjust myself to last minute changes (as you do in all workshops). I'm glad I actually came up with tailored workshops for each group as they all were very different and it was nice to see them engaged in each format that were designed for them. Seeing my artworks, driven from own cultural background, inspired people from all walk of life really was the highlight of my trip there. The whole experience was really a dream brief and it was a reminder for myself that this is what I really want to do.
Lastly I was so honoured that the Minister of Royal Thai ambassador in London also came and visit my workshop! It was great to be supported by such institution, gave me lots of courage to continue promoting Thai culture in the UK through my artwork.

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